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Mohamed Salaheddine Mestaoui

Professor at Zaytuna University, Director of the Quran department, Secretary General of the Islamic Superior Council

He’s born in 1952 in Tataouine, south Tunisia.

  • He has got a master in Fiqh at the Zaitouna University
  • Advanced Studies diploma
  • Phd Researcher , Aix en Provence University , France

He worked as:

  • Professor at Ez-Zahra, Mégrine and Sadiki colleges and professor at Advanced Theology Institute of Zaytuna University
  • Project leader at the prime minister’s office
  • Director of the Qur’an Department
  • Conselour at the prime minister’s office
  • Secretary general of the Superior Islamic Council
  • Deputy member at the International Relations Commission
  • Member of Rabita Coraania

Cultual and cultural activities:

  • Imam at mosquée du lac , Tunis
  • Imam at Mégrine mosque
  • Director and editor at the Jahwar el Islam magazine ( from 1975 to 1986 / 2016 ongoing)
  • Producer of religious tv and radio broadcasts (1988-2000)
  • Manager of El- Horya and El- Bayan cultural sections
  • Supervisor of the tunisian community in France from 1990
  • Co-author in different religious works edited in other countries as Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, GB
  • Member of mujamma Al takrib bayn al madhahib, Tahran

Published works:

  • Dialogue with a young girl researching the Truth
  • About islamic position for individual and collective Redemption
  • Islam and cloning, Islam and organ donation
  • The role of Islam in the tunisian new era
  • Islam and tolerance
  • Islam and west

Works being published:

  • 5 books about guide mission research in Islam
  • The muslim tunisian kingdom in the past and in the present
  • Big personalities I’ve known
  • Islam in the light of the western thought
  • Muwatta explanation
  • Ibn Arabi and his work