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Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane SYprofile picture


Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane SY

President of the scientific committee of Symposium du Mawlid; president of Cadre Unitaire de l’Islam in Senegal

Religious leader, economist and company administrator, Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy attended the traditional teaching in islamic sciences in a public school of Tivaouane in Senegal. Looking at his academic career, he’s graduated in agricultural economy at IAV Hassan II in Rabat.
He’s the president of the Symposium du Mawlid, an high level meeting organized by the Tijani sufi community of Senegal, in order to celebrate the Mawlid Al- Nabi.
It brings together the main scientific and religious minds around the discussion on topical issues in relation to Islam.
He is also president of the Cadre Unitaire de l’Islam in Senegal, an organization that brings together the scientific committees of various senegalese religious communities and the Islamic associations of the country. This framework is a table for reflection and exchange between various religious communities in order to preserve good coexistence and carry on the fight against social drift.
Finally, he is a member of the Regional Consular Chamber of UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union).