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Mohammad Sammak

Counselor to the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic & Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Christian-Muslim Arab Group in Beirut; writer and political commentator

Mohammad Sammak is born in Beirut the 1-9-1936
Education : Political Sciences, Islamic Thought
PHD American – Lebanese University.
He held the following positions:

  • Counselor to ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri
    -Counselor to the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic
  • Sec. Gen. of the National Committee for Christian-Muslim
    Dialogue. Beirut-Lebanon
    -Sec. Gen. of the Islamic spiritual Summit (Sunnit-Shiit-Druze) in Lebanon. Beirut-Lebanon
    -Member of the Board of King Abdullah Ben Abdel Aziz Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue- Vienna-Austira
    -Sec. Gen. of the Executive Committee of the Christian-Muslim Arab Group. Beirut-Lebanon
    -Member of the Board of Presidents of the World Conference Religion for Peace – New York.USA.
    -Board Member of Al-Albeit Organization. Amman-Jordan
    -Member of the Lebanese National Committee for the Ethics of Human Sciences. Beirut-Lebanon
    -Member of the Board of the School of the Catholic Church – Beirut
    -Member of the Board of the Islamic University.
    -Member of the Union of Lebanese Writers.
    -Member of the Union of Arab Journalists.

Writer and political commentator :
a- Al-Watan Newspaper – Qatar
b- Al-Ittihad Newspaper – Abu Dhabi
c- Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper – Beirut.

He also author of 27 books, such as:

• Minorities between Islam and Arabism
• Islam and the Conflict of civilizations
• Introduction to Christian-Muslim Dialogue
• Terrorism and Political Violence
• The Muslims of Lebanon
• Meditation in religion, Politics and Humanism
• The Manupilation of Religion in Political Conflicts
• Living Together in Christianity and Islam (Editor and co-author)
• Islam and Dialogue of Civilizations.
• The Vatican and Relation with Islam.
• Islam and Christians of the Middle East.

*Participated and lectured- at both the Synod about Lebanon- Vatican (1995), and the Synod about the Middle East –Vatican (2010).
*Participated and lectured at the General Assembly of the First Church of Jesus Christ- Tempa USA.
*participated in interreligious Conferences prepared by the World Council of Churches, and the Middle East Council of Churches.
Received many awards from international and Arabic organizations and institutions.