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Yahya Pallavicini

Yahya Sergio Yahe PALLAVICINI is a European Muslim citizen, resident in Rome, married and father of Muhammad Umberto.

Institutional Responsibilities

  • President and imam of the COREIS Italian Islamic Religious Community, one of the principal organisations of institutional representation of the Islamic religion in Italy with a vocation for theological training, ecumenism and intercultural education coreis.it.

  • Since 2004, he is invited to the annual reunion between European religious leaders in Brussels by the Presidents of the European Commission, Prodi and Barroso, and by the Presidents of the European Parliament, Pottering and Tajani. In 2010 he becomes member of the ECRL European Council of Religious Leaders ecrl.eu.

  • Since 2005, he is nominated member of the Council for Italian Islam by the Ministry of Interior of the Italian Government with whom he continues to carry out the role of Muslim advisor. Since 2010 he promotes a series of initiatives of cultural exchanges and economic development with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Islamic world.

  • Runs, along with the director, Prof. Abd al Haqq Ismail Guiderdoni and other French Muslim citizens, the IHEI Institut des Hautes Etudes Islamiques, an organisation for research and intellectual work for Islam in France that is inspired by the writings of the French metaphysician René Guénon. ihei-asso.org.

  • Actively collaborates, since 1997, with ISESCO, Islamic Organisation for Education, Science and Culture, the most prestigious Institution of 54 Islamic States with headquarters in Rabat in the Kingdom of Morocco. Nominated in 2014 as ISESCO Ambassador for Dialogue between Civilizations isesco.org.ma.

  • In 2006 he meets in Istanbul HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal of the Hashemite royal house of Jordan, supports the Message of Amman and participates among the 138 Muslim international scholars in the A Common Word initiative acommonword.com, an important document of dialogue between Christians and Muslims. In 2008 and 2014 he participates in the Catholic-Muslim Forum at the Vatican. Since 2009 he has been part of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world, in the category of institutional representatives.

  • Since its establishment in Vienna in 2012, he has collaborated with KAICIID, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue kaiciid.org. From 2015 in cooperation with the United Nations and KAICIID he has participated in the writing of a plan of action for religious leaders for violence prevention in seminars organised in Fez, Treviso, New York and Vienna. Since 2018 he coordinates the MJLC Muslim Jewish Leaders Council mjlc-europe.org.

  • Regularly participates in the Forum for Peace in Muslim societies established in the capital of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi in 2014 and promoted by Shaykh Abd Allah Bin Bayyah. In 2018 he is nominated as executive member of the World Council of Muslim Communities as delegate for interreligious dialogue.

  • In 2018 the president of the Republic of Indonesia invites him among 50 international Muslim scholars to participate in the first conference on Wasatiyyah, the doctrine of Islamic moderation.

Academic Engagements

Presenter on Islam at the NATO College in Rome. Lecturer on the Quran and its commentaries for the Master of Religions of Abraham at the Cattolica University in Milan, on Knowing Islam and the Muslim world for the Master of Intercultural Communication at the Swiss Italian University of Lugano and on Interreligious Dialogue in the prevention of radicalism for the Master in Economic, Geopolitical and Intelligence Security of the SIOI, Italian Society for International Organization of Rome.


  • In 2004 Il Saggiatore publishes L’Islam in Europa. Riflessioni di un imam italiano. (Islam in Europe. Thoughts of an Italian imam) with prefaces written by the Minister of EU policies Rocco Buttiglione and President of the Union of Jewish Communities of Italy, Amos Luzzatto. The President of the Republic of Tunisia confers on the French edition of the book a prize at the International Competition for Islamic Studies.
  • In 2007 BUR-Rizzoli publishes Dentro la Moschea (Inside the Mosque) that gathers the experiences and sermons of a first generation Italian Muslims.
  • In 2009 a Catholic publishing house, Messaggero of Padova, publishes Il Misericordioso. Allah e i Suoi Profeti (The Merciful. Allah and His Prophets)
  • In 2010 the Morcelliana editions publish La Sura di Maria (The Surah of Maria). Translation and commentary of Chapter XIX of the Quran.